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[audio]Youssef- Post Egypt 2011(Stereo Recordings) - Youssef!
10 Tracks recorded in early June of 2011 By JTO's Egyptian guitarist Youssef... Enjoy! (Made for listeners with head phones)
Keywords: youssef jto jeffs trippin out space guitar music egypt post 2011 stereo recordings
Downloads: 47
[texts]001 - YOUSSEF
Keywords: HODA
Downloads: 7
[image]Bts Paris - youssef
Keywords: paris france
Downloads: 6
[unknown]sahab - youssef
Keywords: islam; salafi; youssef; rslan; meque; mecca; medina; saudi; arabia
Downloads: 410
[audio]Elissa- - youssef
Keywords: Elissa-:youssef
Downloads: 617
[texts]Firefox Setup 16.0b 2 - youssef
Keywords: firefox
Downloads: 27
[texts]Arcview - youssef
يوسف ادعبد الله
Keywords: مجلة جغرافية المغرب
Downloads: 270
[audio]عبد الرحمن السديس - youssef
Keywords: , السديس ,مكة, المدينة, القران كاملا, عبد الرحمن, الشيخ
Downloads: 946
[texts]PES 2014 Patch 116 01 - YOUSSEF
Keywords: YOUSSEF
Downloads: 2
[texts]Guide Map Info ARABE - youssef
تحميل كتاب تعليم mapinfohttp://geo-you.blogspot.com/
Keywords: no
Downloads: 65
[audio]عبد الرحمن السديس - youssef
الشيخ عبد الرحمن السديس
Keywords: القران كاملا الشيخ عبد الرحمن السديس
Downloads: 202
[audio]القران كاملا الشيخ مشاري راشد العفاسي - youssef
القران كاملا الشيخ مشاري راشد العفاسي
Keywords: القران كاملا الشيخ مشاري راشد العفاسي
Downloads: 168
[audio]Youssef- Post Egypt 2011(Mono Recordings) - Youssef!
10 Tracks recorded in early June of 2011 By JTO's Egyptian guitarist Youssef... Enjoy!
Keywords: youssef jto jeffs trippin out space music egypt post 2011 mono recordings youssef
Downloads: 24
[audio]سعود الشريم - youssef
المصحف كاملاسعود الشريم
Keywords: المصحف كاملا سعود الشريم
Downloads: 715
[movies]meenhaj - om_youssef
Keywords: edhaher_huwayni
Downloads: 74
[movies]taghout_huwayni - om_youssef
Keywords: taghout_huwayni
Downloads: 82
[audio]morsalat_youssef111 - youssef111
Keywords: youssef111
Downloads: 6
[audio]AirCompressedCars - Mennat Youssef
technology podcast for jrmc 460 project
Keywords: air compressed cars
Downloads: 5
[audio]hab_maf - om_youssef
Keywords: hab_maf
Downloads: 36
[audio]aa_maf - om_youssef
Keywords: aa_maf
Downloads: 23
[audio]Closing down stores early in Cairo - Mennat Youssef
This is podcast number 3 for radio production class JRMC 471 this project is called Man on Street.
Keywords: cairo stores closing early; AUC
Downloads: 6
[audio]Dress Code History of AUC - Fayrous Youssef
This is a short documentary about the dress code history of AUC. It is describing the fashion starting from the very first years of AUC in 1920 up to the year 2000. You will learn about the influence of fashion, why and how AUCians dressed the way they did.
Keywords: JRMC 460; documentary; dress code hsitory; history; AUC; Fayrouz; youssef
Downloads: 16
[audio]essai2008 - om_youssef
Keywords: essai
Downloads: 14
[audio]ibnt_nouzoul - om_youssef
Keywords: i
Downloads: 92
[audio]123_7or - om_youssef
Keywords: 123_7or
Downloads: 7
[audio]din_allah - om_youssef
Keywords: din allah
Downloads: 88
[audio]Abbas Youssef - Abbas Youssef
Keywords: Abbas Youssef
Downloads: 28
[audio]alfati7a_2.mp3 - aazaz youssef
Keywords: youssef111
Downloads: 11
[texts]On q-Runge domains - Youssef Alaoui
In $[2]$, Coltoiu gave an example of a domain $D\subset\complexes^{6}$ which is 4-complete such that for every ${\mathcal{F}}\in Coh(\complexes^{6})$ the restriction map $H^{3}(\complexes^{6},{\mathcal{F}})\to H^{3}(D,{\mathcal{F}})$ has a dense image but $D$ is not 4-Runge in $\complexes^{6}$. Here, we prove that for every integers $n\geq 4$ and $1\leq q\leq n$ there exists a domain $D\subset \complexes^{n}$ which is not ($\tilde{q}-1$)-Runge in $\complexes^{n}$ but such that for any coherent a...
Downloads: 5
[texts]A generalization of the Levi problem with singularities - Youssef Alaoui
In this article, we prove that if $X$ is a Stein space and $\Omega\subset X$ an increasing sequence of $q$-complete open subsets, then $\Omega$ is $q$-complete.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Physics with exotic probability theory - Saul Youssef
Probability theory can be modified in essentially one way while maintaining consistency with the basic Bayesian framework. This modification results in copies of standard probability theory for real, complex or quaternion probabilities. These copies, in turn, allow one to derive quantum theory while restoring standard probability theory in the classical limit. The argument leading to these three copies constrain physical theories in the same sense that Cox's original arguments constrain alternat...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Photoshopwd Ramadan - youssef afannoue
Photoshopwd - Ramadan
Keywords: Photoshopwd - Ramadan
Downloads: 665
[audio]youssef21 - youssef21
Keywords: youssef21
Downloads: 40,902
[texts]Holomorphic fiber bundle with Stein base and Stein fibers - Youssef Alaoui
In this article, we prove that if $\Pi: X\to \Omega$ is a surjective holomorphic map, with $\Omega$ a Stein space and $X$ a complex manifold of dimension $n\geq 3,$ and if, for every $x\in \Omega$ there exists an open neighborhood $U$ such that $\Pi^{-1}(U)$ is Stein, then $X$ is Stein
Downloads: 9
[texts]Nonsmooth Critical Point Theorems Without Compactness - Youssef Jabri
We establish an abstract critical point theorem for locally Lipschitz functionals that does not require any compactness condition of Palais-Smale type. It generalizes and unifies three other critical point theorems established in [Jabri-Moussaoui] for $C^{1}$-functionals under slightly stronger assumptions. Our approach uses continuous selections of multivalued mappings.
Downloads: 5
[texts]Quantum Mechanics as Complex Probability Theory - S. Youssef
Realistic quantum mechanics based on complex probability theory is shown to have a frequency interpretation, to coexist with Bell's theorem, to be linear, to include wavefunctions which are expansions in eigenfunctions of Hermitian operators and to describe both pure and mixed systems. Illustrative examples are given. The quantum version of Bayesian inference is discussed. Postscript version of hep-th/9307019.
Downloads: 8
[audio]s_raslen - om_youssef
Keywords: s_raslen
Downloads: 15
[audio]airportcoffee - Youssef Rakha
Youssef Rakha reading
Keywords: poetry; Arabic; voice
Downloads: 11
[audio]Youssef Tage - Six Traditional Syrian Songs - Youssef Tage
Youssef Tage sings traditional Syrian songs in these recordings made I believe in the late 1930s through early 1940s.  From the original 78rpm disks.
Keywords: Syrian; traditional; folk; world music; 78rpm
Downloads: 330
[texts]A nonsmooth variational approach to differential problems. A case study of nonresonance under the first eigenvalue for a strongly nonlinear elliptic problem - Youssef Jabri
We adapt a technique of nonsmooth critical point theory developed by Degiovanni-Zani for a semilinear problem involving the Laplacian to the the case of the $p$-Laplacian. We suppose only coercivity conditions on the potential and impose no growth condition of the nonlinearity. The coercivity is obtained using similar nonresonance conditions to [Mawhin-Ward-Willem] and to [Landesman-Lazer] in two different results and using some comparison functions and comparison spaces in a third one...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Cohomology of unbranched Riemann domains over $q$-complete spaces - Youssef Alaoui
In this article, we show that if $\Pi: X\rightarrow Y$ is an unbranched Riemann domain over an $r$-complete complex space $Y$, then for any coherent analytic sheaf ${\mathcal{F}}$ on $X$ the cohomology group $H^{p}(X,{\mathcal{F}})$ vanishes for all $p\geq q+r-1.$ In particular, one gets a positive answer to a generalization of the local Stein problem and new vanishing theorems for the cohomology of locally $q$-complete open sets in $r$-complete spaces.
Downloads: 2
[texts]Do scale-invariant fluctuations imply the breaking of de Sitter invariance? - Ahmed Youssef
The quantization of the massless minimally coupled (mmc) scalar field in de Sitter spacetime is known to be a non-trivial problem due to the appearance of strong infrared (IR) effects. In particular, the scale-invariance of the CMB power-spectrum - certainly one of the most successful predictions of modern cosmology - is widely believed to be inconsistent with a de Sitter invariant mmc two-point function...
Downloads: 10
[software]Photoshop Wd Afsanah Font - afannoue youssef
PhotoshopWd- Afsanah Font.
Keywords: PhotoshopWd- Afsanah Font
Downloads: 1,328
[texts]sheia_aqsa - om youssef
Keywords: sheia aqsa
Downloads: 84
[audio]PanSTARRS - Youssef Abouzeid
PanSTARRS is the bedroom music project of Youssef Abouzeid. PanSTARRS began off the incompetence of putting the why of reality into words, every word is a pale imitation, a mere ripple in the vast ocean of being. The aesthetics of PanSTARRS offered much freedom and allowance, that merely existed in nowhere. It sounds how it sounds. The music ranges from indie rock to noise pop to ambient to shoegaze....
Keywords: PanSTARRS cairo egypt youssef abouzeid nothingness shoegaze shoegaze indie noise pop rock post
Downloads: 8
[texts]Role of glutamate transporter 1 in the attenuation of alcohol intake. (Volume 8) - Sari, Youssef
This article is from Frontiers in Neuroscience, volume 8.AbstractNone
Downloads: 1
[audio]morsalat_tajwid2 - youssef111
Keywords: morsalat_tajwid2.mp3
Downloads: 17
[texts]Is Complex Probability Theory Consistent with Bell's Theorem? - Saul Youssef
Bayesian complex probability theory is shown to be consistent with Bell's theorem and with other recent limitations on local realistic theories which agree with the predictions of quantum mechanics.
Downloads: 12
[texts]Photoshopwd.com 5 Pro Action - afannoue youssef
5 Pro Action
Keywords: 5 Pro Action
Downloads: 737
[image]Digital Prophecy - Dhafer Youssef

Downloads: 333
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